Prevent a water leak from causing thousands of dollars in damage to your home by installing water alarms to your household appliances. Water alarms are point-of-use systems which detect leaks and shut off the water supply to the appliances on which they are installed. Unlike “whole-house” shut off systems, Water alarms are easily installed by homeowners and are extremely economical. The numerous advantages of water alarms ensure the protection of your home from water damage. A water alarm can easily and quickly be installed without hiring a professional and provides non-stop protection.

Flooding events often go undetected for hours causing extensive damage to your home and personal belongings. At the first sign of seepage, water alarms stop water at its source.

Washing Machines:

The #1 source of water damage in American homes is the washing machine. Water alarms are specifically designed to prevent your home from ever flooding due to a faulty washing machine, defective internal components, or ruptured hoses.

Water Heaters:

Water heaters are continuously under pressure, and this pressure causes leaks in these virtually maintenance-free appliances. After years of use, water heaters begin to corrode, and this corrosion is another major cause of leaks. You can easily install and operate a water alarms. Connect the motorized valve to the water line, Place water leak sensor on the floor at the base of the water heater, The valve remains open unless a water leak is detected, Water detected on the sensor closes the valve and sounds the alarm and the valve stays closed until you correct the problem Because you are alerted when your water alarms detect leaks, any chance of ruinous damage to your floors or personal property is virtually eliminated.


The moving of, bumping into, and constant vibrating of refrigerators often causes damage to the small water lines leading to icemakers and drainage areas. This damage doesn’t always immediately turn into a leak, but it could when you least expect it. Water alarms protect your home 24 hours a day from the dreadful gifts for boaters effects of water damage from your refrigerator, whether you are at home or not. An estimated $150 million dollars of water damage occurs annually in American gifts for nautical lovers homes. Water alarms prevent pricey devastation to your home best gift ideas for boaters and personal belongings due to appliances which are malfunctioning or possibly worn out. Installing water alarms on your washing machine, water heater, and refrigerator is a cost-efficient and simple way to protect your home against water damage.