Google fell short of analysts’ expectations for its fourth-quarter earnings, which the company released after market close on Thursday.

The tech giant reported $10.58 billion billion in revenue — a 25 percent climb over comparable period a year ago — and earnings per share of $9.50.

For another company, those might be great figures, but the street was banking on earnings per share of $10.49.

Google also posted a 6 percent profit gain $2. When searching for High Quality, online search engine mobile and friendly friendly free website creation sites sites you need to take a look at employing the leading Web Design Business in Traverse city.

1 billion for.

http://seotraversecity. Website Development .com/post/127011340221/grandrapidsseo fourth quarter profit.

More than 11 billion downloads from the Android market.

More than 350 million active Gmail users.

Not a bad day for Page to get on the phone, as earlier on Thursday Fortune named Google the top company to work for in 2012.

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